New office in Udine

ByGianni Zorzi

New office in Udine

My professional office moved to Via Cussignacco 5 in Udine, at the 2nd floor, together with law firms Studio Del Torre & Partners and Studio Puschiasis.

The office is located in the central area of Udine. The move was completed after a long and fascinating spell in Palazzo Sacchia (Via Rialto, 1), on Monday October 30th 2017.

My other contact information remains unchanged:

mail @ (Regular Email)

mail @ (Certified)

Tel. +39.0432.1842194

Fax +39.0432.1842091

VAT Number IT02421200300

I am giving full continuity to my activities in teaching, training, financial analysis and advisory, which are in place since 2006.

I also took the chance to give a new look to my website. Hope you enjoy! 😉

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Ph.D. in Finance. Officially registered as Independent Financial Advisor in Italy. Professor of Corporate and Group Finance at the University of Udine.